Quick Hit – Bigger than Branson & Oprah

The impact I will have on my community and profession is going to be at least a two times multiplier of the impact Oprah and Richard Branson have had..combined. That is quite a statement and goal to undertake. If I were to say this statement to friends and my professional peers I wonder how many eye rolls and brush offs I would get? If I continued to say it every time I was around a group of people, I wonder how long it would take before people cut me off and said, “yeah, yeah we get it.. Branson and Oprah”.

Gary Vaynerchuk made these statements this week:

  • You take Oprah and Richard Branson and you combine them – I’m looking at a serious multiplier of the impact I will have.
  • Everyone will know my name, I will have a greater impact than both of them.
  • I am going to buy the NY Jets one day.

It was another statement he made that impacted me more this week. “My actions back up the words that come out of my mouth.” Meaning the outrageous goals he sets are backed up with action. I had a player that would never stopped talking about playing in the NBA, he was never in the gym early or late. He never got in extra work, didnt do anything in the off season. Yet he never stopped talking about the NBA. That gets tiresome pretty quick as a leader and coach. I don’t doubt Vaynerchuck, he seems to knock out whatever he says he is going to do.

I was out to lunch a few weeks ago with some friends when the topic of five to ten year goals came up. We went around the table and quickly rattled off a few things that each of us would like to accomplish in that time frame. A few nods, a glossed over look from most, and a “ok..ok..sounds good” followed my list. When the subject circled around to one person he quickly said his list of one “I will be financially independent and be able to do whatever I want to do the rest of my life by 40.” Everyone at the table had the same response. “Yep, I see that happening” Everyone knows this person is going to reach that goal – his actions match his words and goals.

Tony Robbins this week: “Don’t worry about the how – focus on the what first.”

My friend may not know his how – and he actually did say that. “I am not sure exactly how I will do that – but I know I will.” There wasn’t a person at the table that doubted his what and that he would figure out his how.

Lessons –

  • Set big goals
  • Make sure actions match words/goals
  • Don’t worry about the how – get your what down.
  • Someone that talks about big goals without action – will wear people out.

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