Quick Hit – Review your Strategy

Lewis Howes – School of Greatness podcast is a must listen to if you are looking for subtle or massive ways to improve your life or business. On one of his podcasts this week he talks about every Sunday sitting down and spending 30 minutes reviewing your strategy for the week, the month and the quarter.

Thoughts from Lewis:

  • What is the strategy we are going to create for this week, this month and this quarter.?
  • What is the strategy for us to get ahead?
  • Where are we going?
  • How can we innovate?
  • The people and companies that are winning have a clear strategy?
  • How is this strategy working?
  • How is it not working?
  • Am I growing and learning or am I maintaining?

Business owners – LH: “when is the last time you had a business strategy session with your business partner, your team, your coach/mentor – for where you are headed.” Lewis does it every Monday and Friday. He is constantly developing a strategy – “we are researching the science of our mission and the results we get each day and week.”

When I look at this list and when I was listening to Lewis I keep coming back to one thought – If I am going to encapsulate these ideas, thoughts and create an action plan around them…

  • I must be open to realizing I can do better.
  • There are ways for me to improve.
  • Someone else may have better answers.
  • I don’t know everything.
  • My way isn’t always the right way.

Ray Dalio’s book ‘Principles’ he talks at length about ‘Radical Open-Mindedness – how this level of introspection changed his leadership style and ultimately how his company functioned. He also talks about the most important thing to get to is the truth or the right answer. He doesn’t care where the truth or the right answer comes from – he just cares they get to it.

LH: “People fail because they don’t have a strategy” – where are we going.

The world is innovating, evolving and changing – by constantly developing a strategy and being open minded – we get to innovate, evolve and change too. Review your strategy, be radically open-minded and get to the truth.

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