Quick Hit – Sweep the Shed

I was listening to a podcast recently where the guest made the comment “Sweep the Shed”. The context of this was making sure that when you leave an area that you leave it in better condition then when you arrived. I have long held this belief and made this a high priority with teams I have coached. The idea of taking pride in what you have, being considerate with what others have and the jobs others have to do.

After games that I have coached I now simply tell my team to “sweep the shed” and they immediately know to get to the bench, pick up trash and straighten the chairs. It is not someone else job to do these things – its our job. We have also been in board rooms where we are the last to leave and a few of us will stick around to sweep the shed and put the room back to how it should be. We take pride with what we have and don’t leave jobs for others to do. I was with a client last week where the director said after a lengthy board room meeting, “Our CEO gets extremely upset when these rooms are not put back together after they are used.”

If you want to see this in in action – click on the twitter link below. After watching this I know exactly how you will feel about this player. The comment from the person that tweeted this says it all. “..Says a lot about his character, his coach and his team.”

Sweep the Shed…

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