Who Really Wants this Money?

I subscribe to the mindset of ‘garbage in – garbage out’. So I try to make sure that I am always watching and reading things that educate me, uplift me or generally allow me to have a more positive daily outlook. Every night for the past few years, I will find a standup comedian on Netflix and listen to some comedy as I fall asleep. This has gone on for a few years and for the past year I have been on a Jim Gaffigan marathon. He has five Netflix specials (one for each kid he says) that I cycle through on a weekly basis. Gaffigan tells a number of stories about how fat he is getting and he has a number of routines centered on food. During one of his stories he makes the comment “Who wants to be thin, healthy and attractive? Argh, Not me. Really, Try Everyone!”

So 2018 has begun. Like many others, I have set some goals for this year, this quarter and even this week. I am locked in and ready to knock it out in 2018. I sit here though and wonder how is this year going to be any different than 2017. I set goals in 2017, I wrote things down, evaluated their progress and worked towards some specific professional and personal objectives. Why wasn’t 2017 an A+ for me? Driving into work I kept thinking about Gaffigan which seems strange given this context. I hear him asking, “Who wants to be thin, healthy and attractive? Everyone!” As I repeat that in my mind I shifted the thought to, who wants to be successful, valued, intelligent, driven and motivated? Everyone! Everyone wants those things. Everyone wants a great 2018. So why is it that when we review our year in December, we give ourselves a grade of a C or C+. The answer is simple for me. I do a great job of evaluating, thinking, documenting, planning and prioritizing what I want to accomplish in a given year. What I fail to do is take ‘massive action’ as Tony Robbins calls it, on any of these goals I’ve created for myself. I simply fail to execute.

A close coaching friend paints this illustration when he speaks to large groups. He holds up a $20.00 bill and asks who wants it. He typically is speaking to high school aged groups. When he holds the $20.00 up every hand in the room gets raised. He continues to ask this group, “Who really wants this money? I don’t believe it. Who really wants it?” Sometimes this goes on for 4 to 5 minutes with him continuing to ask, “Who really wants it?” At some point one of the kids will get out of their seat, walk up to him and take the $20.00 out of his hand. After the money has been exchanged he asks them. “What’s the difference between wanting the money and getting the money? It requires ACTION. You can want all day long, you’re never getting the money.” This year our hands have to stop being raised, we have to stop asking for permission, we have to stop wanting, we have to get out of our seat and take the money.

Who wants to be successful, valued, intelligent, driven and motivated? Everyone does! Although most of us refuse to take ‘massive action’. There are many reasons behind why we continue to sit with our hands raised and remain seated, and others get up and grab the money. There are two reasons why I am still in my chair with my hand up, although there are countless others and other that may limit you.

The first reason why I personally wind up with a C every year is embarrassment. We don’t take these massive steps to reach our goals simply because of the thought of what others may think. What if someone laughs, what if someone is smarter and wants to flex their intellectual muscles, what if I fail and it becomes public. It would be another sad year if we spent it stagnant on account of someone else’s opinion or thoughts. When I work with teams and young people I tell them one thing when it comes to dreams and goals. The people that tear you down, the people that tell you that you cannot accomplish your goals and dreams are the people that have already given up on theirs. They tell you these things to bring you down to their level because they have already quit and their C to C+ improvement and passion for life is acceptable. My 2018 decision is to move forward in spite of the thoughts others may have or the responses I may receive. Theodore Roosevelt has a quote that has been titled “The Man in the Arena”. Essentially he says in this quote, the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, not the critic. In 2018 I would encourage all of us to enter the arena and take massive action on our plans for the year. A goal of mine this year is to get out of my chair and start speaking more at conferences and engaging more with people in the spaces I am passionate about. This year I am going to enter that arena and the critic can point – at least I am in the arena.

The second reason for me why I fail to take massive action on my yearly goals is simply because it is hard to do. Simple enough right, it is hard. Let me explain it this way. At some point when the enthusiasm of a new year wears off, I have to continue to grind it every single day to achieve these great things I planned. As the grind goes on day after day and into the weeks, my mind starts to tell me that a C+ year is actually not that bad, it becomes acceptable. I work with a group of people every week and the thought I left them with last week was “That which you don’t hate you will tolerate”. We have to hate not improving, we have to hate not knocking out a weekly goal that gets us close to a monthly or yearly goal. We have to hate not providing value to those closest to us or people we work with or our clients. We have to hate it the items that get me closer to my objectives have gone three days without being considers or completed. We have to hate having another C+ year. If we learn to hate these things in our life we will learn to no longer tolerate them and our C+ year can become the A+ year we thought we’d have in January.

What does 2018 hold for you? What plans do you have, what are you doing daily to reach for them? What are your limiting beliefs that will creep up to stop you from reaching them? Mine are embarrassment and tolerating another average year. I am on Chapter 3 page 16 of my 2018 book. So far it has been a decent book, still hovering around a C but I am working towards that B+ A- range. My hand is raised and I have made my intention clear, I want the $20.00 and Ill be damned if I am going to sit in this chair all year long.